I only had 190 emails while on vacation and tons of paper work. I wont be seeing sunlight for awhile. Staying busy keeps me from thinking and what ifing. What if…is a terrible thing. I try not to live my life that way, but it cant be helped sometimes. Sometimes the What If wins. I have to remind myself that no matter how much I What If the pass it doesnt change a thing. I have to remember when I do What If it needs to be about my future. What if I go to Paris this summer instead of the beach. What if I buy these pair of boots now or wait until I go to the outlets. Instead of a bucket list maybe I will start a What If List? Sounds like a plan.
Today’s outfit
Teal sleeveless shirt
Brown Vneck top over the teal shirt
Brown, Taupe and Teal skirt
Brown boots with pink argyle socks underneath. (my wow effect)
Rhinestone flower necklace
Rhinestone bracelet and earrings


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