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When I cant decide what to wear, instead of going to my shoes and work my way up. I go to my scarves and pick my outfit from there. I love scarfs. I think I was born in the wrong era because I love wearing scarfs, gloves, and hats. I should have lived in the 1930’s and 40’s. Maybe I did in a former life.
Today I am wearing Brown, Gold and Teal chain design scarf with a Mustard v neck top with a teal tank underneath.
Brown skirt with brown boots
Gold and yellow rhinestone earrings


I cant wait until spring gets here. I want to wear my flirty skirts and tops. I want to go to flea markets and street fairs. I want to go to garage sales. I want to ride my bike.I want to go to my local American Veterans Thrift Store aka: AM Vets and not freeze while trying on clothes(it’s a big place and either the heat isnt on at all or the heat is barely on.) Oh Spring how I cant wait for your arrival!
Today’s outfit
Multi coloured brown, yellow, purple, teal long sleeve turtle neck
Green trousers
Brown clogs
Gold jewelry
Heavy coat, gloves and hat! it is FREEZING OUT!
Cant wait for SPRING!

I have been watching reruns of the Mary Tyler Moore show and I love some of her and Rhoda’s outfits. I like the long vests and turtle neck skirt combo that Rhoda wore. I love the dresses that Mary wore. I wish that designers would bring back those clothes not the clothing from the 80’s! I lived thru that era and there wasnt much I really liked.
Today’s outfit
Brown top with taupe tank underneath
Navy skirt
Mint green scarf with brown, navy and yellow butterflies on it
Brown boots
Gold earrings
Brown and white enamel bracelet-the one by the purple bracelet shown below.


I hardly watched any of the Oscars. I had other things to do and I hate that it is on Sunday. Put it on Friday or Saturday so I can stay up and watch all of it. I did watch the Red Carpet…thats the best part anyway. Some of the outfits were SO BEAUTIFUL but what is it with these beautiful dresses and no necklaces. Not to call anyone out, but one lady in red wore her hair like she always does. I think that if you are going to take the time and get all dressed up you need to do it from head to toe. No long straight every day hair. But thats just me.
I liked most of the dresses; and I personally liked Anne Hathaways dress.
Today’s my every day outfit is
White shirt
Red, White, Taupe polk a dot skirt
Black chain necklace
Black hoops
Nude tights
Black shoes


Kinda of sore from rearranging my family room
Just running around to the grocery store and doing other errands.
Today’s Outfit:
Taupe top
Purple scarf
Purple shoes
silver jewelry


Today I am rearranging my living room, gonna sew my new dress together and do some other craft projects.
Today’s outfit
purple top
blue jeans

Street Chic

I was just looking at Elle Magazine’s Street chic. The pictures show all these fashion people, models, buyers, fashion bloggers, editor dressed in the latest fashion. Rag & Bone, True Religion, Prada etc. and what gets me is 1/2 of these fashionistas have horrible posture! I dont get it. If you want to look elegant and fashion forward stand up straight. Dont hunch over like a school girl who wants to blend it. Crazy!