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Tuesday January 29, 2013

Tonight my dad who has been battling cancer passed away peacefully



10 days and counting until my birthday on Feb 7.
I am taking the next week off for vacation. I was going to try to go to Pigeon Forge and the Smokey Mountains for the week, but my dad isnt doing well so I will probably just do some local things. Go the art museum, see some movies. Maybe take a spa day and if I can talk my mom into get her to take a spa day with me.
Today’s outfit
Purple top
Brown trousers
Brown socks and clogs
Silver hoop earrings
Multi layered silver necklaces


Polkadot skirtRose skirtBack to work.I finished the polka dot bandana skirt  saturday and I liked it so much I made another skirt from bandanas. The design is roses and Fleur-de-lis. I used 1 black bandana that I cut in 1/2 for the sides. I got these bandanas at WalMart..crazy huh? Today’s outfit, you guessed it the polka dot skirt. Black top with a Sparkley Kelly Green Cardigan and Black tights and shoes. Silver jewelry.


Icy Friday

Well the icy rain came and the roads are horrible, so no work for me today. Its a sweats and tee shirt day