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December 31, 2012 Last day of this year!

Cant believe this year is over. Excited about what next year may hold. I am thankful for my family and friends. I am sad that people who I thought were close friends showed their true colours and left my life.
No big plans for tonight. Getting a pizza and going to watch some movies. I do have 1 tradition I do every year. I walk thru my door at midnight and I put a $1.00 dollar bill and 1 loaf of bread on my kitchen table. That way I will always have enough money and enough food for the following year.
Why do I write my outfit’s down? In case I ever say I dont have anything to wear! I can always check and see that I do have something to wear!
Today’s Outfit:
Black and white stripe top
Pink long sleeve top over the B&W
White pants
B & W striped socks with a martini glass on them!
Black clogs
Silver and pearl jewelry
Happy New Year!



It snowed last night. Covered grass and houses, nothing on the road and it melted all today.
Rust top
Brown leggings

Last Friday of the Year!

Cant believe that 2012 is almost over and the world is still here!
Going to see a movie tonight. Not sure if it will be Les Miserables or This is Forty
Today’s Outfit
White top
Red cardigan
Black skirt and tights
Black clogs
Red jewelry

Back to work

It was nice to have a few days off of work. Boss is out tomorrow so that will be nice.
Cold and spitting snow, it might snow this weekend!
Today’s Outfit
Striped pink top
Gray skirt
Gray knee socks
Black clogs

Dec 26

Cold, rainy and blustery out today and it might snow tomorrow. I might hit some after Christmas sales, mostly for cards, paper, labels and maybe some Christmas ornaments

Christmas Eve

Working 1/2 day today
Green Christmas shirt
Green skirt
Nude Tights
Taupe ankle boots
Christmas bells earrings