December 31, 2012 Last day of this year!

Cant believe this year is over. Excited about what next year may hold. I am thankful for my family and friends. I am sad that people who I thought were close friends showed their true colours and left my life.
No big plans for tonight. Getting a pizza and going to watch some movies. I do have 1 tradition I do every year. I walk thru my door at midnight and I put a $1.00 dollar bill and 1 loaf of bread on my kitchen table. That way I will always have enough money and enough food for the following year.
Why do I write my outfit’s down? In case I ever say I dont have anything to wear! I can always check and see that I do have something to wear!
Today’s Outfit:
Black and white stripe top
Pink long sleeve top over the B&W
White pants
B & W striped socks with a martini glass on them!
Black clogs
Silver and pearl jewelry
Happy New Year!


Dec 22, 2012

Well the world didnt end. I wonder how many people were upset by that?
I also wonder how many people got married that day?
I went and saw Hitchcock last night. What a wonderful movie!

Today’s outfit
Gray top
Gray scarf
Taupe ankle boots


Friday December 21, 2012

According the Mayans the world is suppose to end. Not really that’s just when they calendar ended. Who knows maybe the guy ran out of rock. Or his tools broke while starting the new calendar. I dont think it will happend because right now in Wellington, NZ it is 1:24 am Saturday Dec 22.
I thought well if something was to happen what do I want to wear? My favorite colour of course…and flats
So today’s outfit:
Purple long sleeve top
Cream cord skirt
Mustard leggings
Taupe suede ankle boots
Gold bracelets
White rose earrings
oh and it is spitting snow here in Knoxville.