My mom passed away Sept 5, 2017


Long weekend

My mom had surgery Friday and it went fine, now she just has to wait until her drainage tube runs clear so they can remove it and she can go home. I am at work today, but I have friends that are going to stay with her during the day and then I will go to the hospital after work.

Today’s Outfit:
Navy top

Silver necklace

Blue and white checked skirt


Today’s Outfit:
Black top

Bead necklace

Teal skirt

Colourful flats

Bye July

July has been a busy month for me. My mom has had a lot of dr appts and next month will be busy also as she will be having lung cancer surgery. It’s just 1 small spot, which is great since my mom is 81 has been smoking since she was 15, but surgery is surgery.
Hopefully the dr wont find any cancer in her lymph nodes and she recovers fast.
With all the going on my work place is moving to our new building in October, but the building is still being worked on. The Boss Lady is having us move by floor. My dept and several others will be on floor 7. So that should be fun (insert snarky voice here)! However I try to not to borrow worry and whatever happens in October will happen.
So bye July and Hello August!

Today’s Outfit:
Striped top

Gold daisy necklace and earrings
Green skirt

Colourful flats

4th of July

Work gave us Monday and Tuesday off for the 4th so that was wonderful! So short week this week and then next week I am on vacation!

Today’s Outfit:
Striped top

Surf board scarf

Black capris

Colourful flats