What I have learned

March I was put on furlough and of course it was jarring but I have accomplished alot around my home. I have also learned a few things.

1. From now on I am going to buy 2 of alot of things that I had stopped when I was thinking of a more simple/ minimalist life. 2 or 4 toilet paper packages, Kleenex, wipes etc.

2. I experimented with cooking and I really love avocados.

3. I need to become a better gardener.

4. Stock piling nonperishable food isnt a bad idea.

5. I enjoy being home.

I hope everyone is safe and healthy.



Today I was informed that Thursday will be my last day at work until May.

I am trying to stay positive even though my emotions have run the gamut since receiving the news.

I have made and written out a game plan so this time off will be used wisely and it will also help me not panic and fall into a depression. My plan includes my normal daily meditation and exercise to a new to do list.

And I know I am not the only one facing this. I have been thru worse and survived. We all will be stronger, not just America but the whole world.

Stay strong and send out positive vibes everyone.



In trying to live a more simple and healthy life I have been eating better. I am also following more of how Europeans eat, how Americans use to eat and how I ate when I was growing up. Simple but well rounded meal that included a meat, vegetable and a nod to the French cheese and always dessert!